About Our Company

Meet Our Nutty Family

While you may think your family is nuts (in a wacky but fun kinda way), our family is as nutty as it gets. That’s because, for generations, I’m a Nut growers and distributors have been committed to cultivating and exporting premium grade nuts in bulk quantities. As specialty purveyors and connoisseurs, we know nuts from up close. From crop to shop, every nut leaves the plant perfectly groomed and ready for a showdown. (or chow down)

Not all nuts are created equal. We know because we monitor the fields and pay attention to detail every step of the way. At I’m a Nut, we like to think of our family business as a tournament of sorts. At our farms, participants stand taller, sturdier and perfectly balanced. Lightly salted or untouched and pure, nuts step up to the challenge of being packaged with the best. Every selection is handpicked and packaged with love.

Take good care of our family and treat yours to something tasty, healthy and absolutely nutty. 

It’s an experience you want to be part of. 

Let loose. Get nuts.